About Us

The story of this blog began on a lively summer’s eve in Kiev, Ukraine, where two unsuspecting adventurers would end the night ridiculously drunk together.

A graduate in PR & Advertising, and a Ukrainian, Julia has been working as a full-time model for the last four years. Which has given her the opportunity to live in and visit countries as far-flung as China, Thailand and Japan, as well as more close to home places such as Milan. From attempting to cook Frogs in an apartment in Beijing, to watching the Eastern Sunset slowly lower itself while sitting upon the highest TV tower in Tokyo. She’s been hooked ever since on the plethora of surprises the world has to bring.
Shadi’s a Growth Hacker from Birmingham, England, a Philosophy dropout leaving life at the University of Warwick behind for a one-way ticket to Bangkok. Shadi traded his modeling career in for a career in eating Pizza and 10pm naked power meetings with eccentric Californians. Now he focusses on Influence Marketing and speaking around the world.
Life and Travel can be so more, just so more, worthwhile, when sharing it with someone else. Whether it’s a simple coffee in the middle of the day, or a wine-fuelled meal next to the Sea. So beginning their story in Ukraine and documenting it as they go, this is Shad and Julia.