Summer after the first snow

Few days ago the first snow fell in Kiev. For a moment everything got filled with this magical cozy atmosphere and almost winter cold. It made me really happy as I wished to see the first snow before we are moving to the warmer part of the world.

The amount of reasons not to leave the warm inside areas increased, same as the number of interesting books and movies worth freeing a little time for. To share this time, I’ve chosen one light (in all senses) movie The Fundamentals of Caring, which will definitely put a smile on your face, and might as well remind of another great french movie; one really good (mind-blowing sometimes) tv-series Westworld, and an inspiring and creative-awakening book The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron.

Leaving Kiev

Alright, now getting back to moving to the warmer part of the world. It’s been quite enough of time staying in Kiev for both of us to be ready for a next travel. The excitement dashingly grows, and so does a tiny seed of worrying, which are a common tandem for me before the far away and long-term travels.

Right now I’m finishing this post on the airplane to Bangkok and will post it as soon as we get to our hotel. We’ve just successfully passed the «pay fee for overstaying the visa at the last moment and sprint to the gate to not miss your flight» stage. Luckily, Ukraine is not too strict about that and it costed Shad only about 40$ (900 UAH) for 6 months over-stay. Still, I told him to consider to apply for a citizenship-permit (not exactly sure how it is called in english) next time he’ll wanna stay for long in Ukraine.

Coming back to…

…Bangkok. We both already had a great chance to live there before. And each of us has own story of falling in absolute love with this place. Two years ago I fell for it’s rush and noise combined with harmony and peacefulness of it’s countless temples; a mixture of smells, sounds, colors, textures, faces, cleanness and dirt, shine and dust, bright burning sun and sudden tropical rain; sometimes not very sober, but always there when you need them, motorbike-taxi drivers; always smiling people, always fresh fruits and always spicy street food, loud sunsets and tired sunrise…

Still there’s so much more to explore and the process we will be sharing here. The adventure has already began, and there couldn’t be a person I would enjoy experiencing it with more, than I do with Mr. Paterson. So, here’s to the beautiful moments, priceless memories and permanent growth!