Ukrainian Fashion Week

I’ve always liked to take the occasional look at Fashion Weeks across the world. I’ll usually get the highlights from Hypebeast or something similar. I always imagined they would be something I would go to in my mid 30s. Once I’m far more well traveled, well cultured. You know, so I could somehow respect the avant-garndenes of it all.

Well, on Friday, me n’ Julie were stuck into the new Series obsession. True Detective, which by the way, you should totally check out. When we get a call from Queen L (Julie’s Mama). ‘Hey guys, got 2 free invitations to Fashion week, you want to go?’. Yup.

Sure enough, we got all fashionista’d up and called a cab.

I’ve never really seen a proper catwalk before. So was happy to have some great seats, right before the models do their little ‘spinny thing’ to show of the clothes.

The Catwalk

Some of the collection we went to see




Honestly, I didn’t really know what to expect. I mean, I didn’t expect it to be anything like Kanye West and Yeezus Season 4.

Overall, it was really quite an awesome experience for me. The actual event was held in Arsenal (No, not Arsenal as in Gooners). Which is next to Pechersk Lavra, an old cave network Ukrainian monks made. Which now houses a whole load of dead people which I believe are embalmed. I’ve been there twice yet I still don’t know.

In the main hall, they had stands for all kinds of pricey and interesting products. None of it was really interesting, except a perfumery. They had these 3 leather hats. Hats are completely the wrong way to describe what they are, however I’m not quite sure ‘masks’ cover it either. Anyway, these masks were completely hand made out of leather. One, in the shape of a horses head. The other 2 looked like something you’d use in extreme bondage. I enquired with the sales guy about the price of said masks, each one being around $1000. I mean, I respect the work that goes into them, but they were just so damn weird.

I wish I took a photo of them, but this is all I have 🙁

Me n Julie

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